The Royal Albert Hotel has been part of the Surry Hills landscape since 1927.

In the beginning, the rich naval officers were granted the land of the area for grazing, as Sydney’s need to feed itself expanded. The land was less than perfect for agricultural purposes, but with the growing demand for food it was here that a fledgling livestock industry sprang up.

As Sydney grew out, the suburb began to take shape, with wealthy landowners subdividing the area to provide affordable housing for the working classes and their families.

Much of this history is embedded in the bricks of the Royal Albert and, if the walls could talk, they’d tell the stories of those who shaped Surry Hills.

Several decades ago, the hotel become known to its regulars as ‘The Jam Tin’. This was due to the fact that the patrons’ bar tabs – often amounting to significant sums of money – were held in an iconic jam tin behind the bar.

More recently, Surry Hills has become home to a cosmopolitan blend of people from all walks of life. With food, beverages and an atmosphere that celebrates this diversity, we welcome you to relax, create your own stories, and help shape the future of our suburb.